Retirement Services

Retirement Services

Today, preparing for the future is more important than ever. In the business world, offering a company sponsored retirement plan improves the odds of recruiting and retaining top employees.

Prestige offers retirement plans so that you can help your employees prepare and save for their future. Prestige partners with BlueStar Retirement Services to offer the following benefits to your employees.

401(k) Retirement Savings Accounts:

Help employees save for their future by offering them a complete 401(k) solution. Employees can use pre-tax dollars to invest into an account. Their assets will grow, tax-deferred until their retirement. Your business can also add an optional employer match to increase this overall benefits package.


A retirement plan is an important part of a full-service employee benefits package. A retirement plan is extremely valuable to employees because it helps them to prepare for their financial future.

Partnering with Prestige makes it easy for you to provide a high quality 401(k) plan to your employees. You can completely customize your company contributions and add profit-sharing options if you choose.

Retirement plans offered by Prestige and BlueStar include:

  • Transfer of primary fiduciary responsibility to Prestige
  • Wide selection of professionally managed investment options, with competitive expenses
  • Enrollment support and ongoing participant education

Prestige manages all aspects of the employee benefits administration including participant transactions, compliance testing and Form 5500 filing.

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